Spindeln mellan teknik och människa

Interaction Designer – The Link between Technology and User

How Interaction Designers describe their profession

Felix Kjäll & Ali Mohamed


In this bachelor thesis we have studied how interaction designers describe their profession. The research material is based on nine interviews with interaction designers. Questions cover areas such as interaction design tasks, what abilities they consider important, how they describe their relationship to the users, and cooperation with colleagues. We have analyzed the results using key terms such as habitus, field, and capital, as described by sociologist Pierre Bourdieu. The interviewees express humanistic views, and ask for more cooperation between interaction designers, as well as other people within the field of IT production. We suggest possible solutions, like design patterns, with the goal of sharing knowledge within the IT field.


Capital, Design Pattern, Field, Habitus, Interaction Design, Pierre Bourdieu, Usability

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